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Georgia Lily
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Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have taken pictures of our entire stay while we have been here, please keep in my mind I would eventually like to turn this blog into a book for Georgia so I am not trying to be morbid by taking pictures, I want to show Georgia just how far she has come. I started taking pictures the night before and are up to date.
Cuddling with Daddy the night before D-Day
Family picture before we head into the OR
Love my Nana and Pop-Pop
Aunt Laura and Kaylin
Mommy and Me
My Entourage
Let the waiting begin
Cousin K.K
My Pastor and Mrs. Siri
Love my Daddy
And my Mommy
Right after surgery, just moved to PICU
So glad to see Georgia again, long 10 hours in the OR
Before the swelling begins
Day 2 (first 24 hours without seizures!)
Redecorated my room
We covered every surface that we could
The nurses supplied the tape!
Everyone compliments the decorations, brings such cheer to a dreadful place...
Day 3, the bandage is off
Mommy gets to hold me for the first time in 3 days
The nurse who helped to move me into my Mommy's arms
Our favorite day nurse, she takes such good care of me
Mommy's besties! God has blessed me with the most precious, loving, sweet, brave and beautiful babies EVER!
Posing with Nana
Posing with Mamaire
Aunt Laura and Kay Kay
Rockin the hair bow, my hair cannot be washed until we get the a-ok from the doc...
Settling in for the night
Thanks Aunt Laura for the new bear
Mother's Day
Daddy time!
That's right ladies and gentlmen, I am standing...72 short hours post BRAIN surgery!
My favorite night nurse!
Settling in for night number 4

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