Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
My Love Bug

Monday, May 14, 2012


Thought I would change things up a bit tonight and talk about the star to the show, Georgia Lily. Well, my little trooper has been so patient and cooperative after we put her through the ringer. She has hardly cried since Friday, post-op day one. She still has not smiled but I know that this will all return as soon as she has the energy to enjoy things again, I think she is still a little fatigued. Today we had to put a feeding tube down her nose, she was none to pleased. Georgia had other plans though, the tube stayed in for about two hours before she removed it, she has been eating really well though so maybe we won't have to do this to her again, we bought ourselves three days to do a calorie count. Yay! The doctors are concerned about maybe needing to put a shunt in her brain to drain off the excess fluid, I am not proclaiming this, I'm holding on to our Lord and He is going to work all this out. They are worried because her heartrate dropped in the night last night but I think that she was just really comfy and maybe a little slouched in her sleep. I am not concerned. I have God on my side. As the pastor was telling me today, Satan would like to regain some control of the situation and put doubt in our minds but I am not going to let myself fall into that negative mindset. Ronald McDonald stopped by to see Georgia, nice guy! We saw Dr. Lee today as well as Amy, the PA, that works with Dr. Baumgartner. They are very pleased with all the progress that Georgia is making. We are too! I cannot wait to hold Georgia without all the wires and I want her to hold her arms out for me and I want her to smile. Most of all, I want Georgia to be happy! I know we are starting this leg of the journey and it may be a long road but we are going to walk it together and I am going to be her strength when she does not have it in her. Many tea parties, dressing up, and horse playing in our future! On a different note, I got the pleasure of talking to another family, they are in the same position I was in 3 years ago, seems crazy that it has been this long but their baby is 6 months old and precious, as precious a baby I have ever seen. It is like a dream that Georgia was once that small when all this started. Oh, how I wish that I could I would seen Dr. Lee at that time. How precious time is when dealing with this disorder. But nevertheless, we are here and God can move mountains and I had to walk that path because God has to mold me and make me and get me to the point of fully trusting Him. Anyway, I got to answer questions and tell of my experience, this was prophesized to me several months ago, that I would get to be help people. I am so happy to help others and I am glad God has put me in this situation. I have known for a long time that this more about me and less about Georgia, God knew this long ago and He had to build my faith. As I have said before, it's not faith until it's all you are standing on.
Chowing down on some pancakes
Amy the PA who fabulously stitched me up
Working with physical therapy
Sitting up!
My team, the guy in the white coat...Dr. Lee, we love you and thank you for caring for our Love Bug
It's Ronald McDonald!
Playing with one of my favorite toys, my phone, yes Mommy and Daddy have replaced it three times.
This picture is from Saturday but I love it so much so I had to post it, my niece Kaylin loving on Georgia. More like sissys instead of cousins

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  1. Misty, I'm enjoying the blog and being able to see how the Lord is working in your lives daily! He has and is giving you all such strength! Your all in our Prayers and we trust with you that the Lord is gonna completely heal Georgia! Much Love, Vonda Sanders