Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
My Love Bug

Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear Georgia,
   I love you honey more than words could ever say. You have made me the happiest, proudest Mommy ever. I can only hope to achieve the determination that you as a four year old possess. I have never seen someone so determined not to let life keep her down. Your smile lights up the room, when you smile everyone around you smiles. You are growing so fast, I do not know where the time has gone. I know that life has not been easy but you always seem to stay positive and keep a smile upon your face and laughter in your belly. I cannot wait to see how far life takes you. There is nothing that you cannot achieve besides what you limit yourself to. I love you baby. Happy 4th Birthday.


Happy New Year!

   "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "Plans to give you a future and a Hope." Jeremiah 29:11

   I thought it only fitting to celebrate the last day of this year with an update about Miss. Georgia. This very day last year we had many people all over the United States praying for a miracle. We got our miracle and are so blessed and thankful and grateful for all that has happened in the last 7 months.

   We celebrated her 4th birthday, which a bouncing success. We celebrated it at an indoor bounce house. We had an amazing time surrounded by friends and family. I could not ask for a better support group than those who surround my family. This year has been one of the most heartbreaking, heart wrenching, painful years but also one of the most wonderful years in Georgia's life. Reflecting back to the first of the year I could not have imagined the roller coaster that awaited us. But there is nothing about this year that I would change, not even meeting the neurologist that gave us no hope for her.

   We also celebrated Georgia's first Christmas (besides the very first one when she was 10 days old) without seizures or medication. It is surreal to even think about. As all children Georgia has her moodiness but to celebrate with her and see her laugh and smile and float from family member to family member is nothing short of amazing.

   The other day I had an epiphany, found in the book of Exodus, is the story of how the Jewish people were set free from bondage of Pharoh. After many plagues God sent upon the Egyptians through Moses the Pharoh relented and let the Jewish people free.  However, after Pharoh let the people go he changed his mind and had his army charge the Jewish people. Then Moses came upon the Red Sea; Moses had the Eyptian army behind him and the Red Sea in front of him. I'm sure he felt pure anguish, stuck between a rock and a hard place, some might say. But he prayed and he believed that God would see them through. And God instructed him to raise his staff and begin to walk. The Red Sea parted, the ground became firm and all the Jewish people crossed. The army perished. This is how I see the journey that we just took with Georgia, on the one hand we had doctors telling us there was no hope for her and on the other we had Dr. Lee telling us there was a cure but had to cross the threshhold. The crossing of the Red Sea for us was the surgery. We had to believe this is where God wanted us to be and had to have faith He brought us this far and He was not about to let the army overtake us. God is ultimately in control, nothing will prevent His will from happening.

   I look at her in pure amazement. I find it so hard to believe that Georgia had such a radical surgery. Half of her brain is gone!!!! I know this year has so much in store for us, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. It is my prayer this year that Georgia regains all of her strength in her right side and we get some words or a way of communication. The world is at our finger tips.

Be blessed and thanks for all the prayers that went up this time last year for her and for us.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Playing in the Leaves


   Since the last time I posted two very important things have happened, Georgia celebrated her very first Thanksgiving with neither seizures nor seizure medication. And we celebrated 6 months without seizures, by all accounts she is considered cured. Can you believe that? Some days I feel as if it's too good to be true but then again, I think of God's promise to me those three years ago when Georgia first got diagnosed with epilepsy. He promised me that He was going to show me how BIG He was.

   My life feels perfect! Some days I feel so happy I could burst. Georgia is doing so great and every week she is improving. She is getting more usage from her arm and hand. She is able to stand up from the ground in no time flat. She is so happy all the time.

   I thank God everyday for the blessings He has so graciously poured out on our family, my cup runneth over! I never understood what that meant until this time in my life. All my life I have gone to church and believed in the Lord but it was not until Georgia got sick that I developed a relationship with Him and even after she was sick I still depended on myself and doctors to get her better. I thought I could will her into being well.  God does not work that way and He will let things happen in your life that will bring you closer to Him. No, I would never have wished for this, ever! but I am so glad it did. Georgia has brought me closer to the Lord as well as my son. I have known for a long time that this was not about Georgia, it has been about me and my walk with the Lord. Seeing her improve daily and my son develop normally has taught me so much about what really matters in life. It is not about the material possessions that one has or the money or the house or type of car you drive, it is about getting to go home to be with the Lord and spend eternity praising the Father that gives and takes away.

   This Christmas will be a very different one than from the past. Of course I always look towards this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior but this year it means so much more. We put our tree up two days after Thanksgiving and after it was all decorated we got the kids out of bed (which by the way were still up, lol) and we brought them downstairst to see it. Georgia saw the tree and lit up. Conerly and Georgia looked at the tree and saw the lights and the ornaments and sat there in amazement. This rarely happens, they are always on the move so for them to sit there was amazing! I believe this is the first year that Georgia has actually looked and really saw a Christmas tree. God is so good!

   This last couple of months have brought a lot of happiness to my heart, I never thought I would be here, I never thought I would be able to sit on the side lines and watch my little girl play. She loves playing in the leaves and running between the porch and the swing. I just sit and think to myself, what a beautiful life I have.