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Georgia Lily
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disney...Here We Come!

   So while we were at Brooks Rehab Georgia was nominated to get granted a wish from Dreams Come True. I have kept this trip under wraps since we have been nominated, I am not sure why but alas the time has come for us to travel to Orlando and embark on this adventure with Georgia. It feels like the end of a very long chapter, and this book has a very happy ending! While we still have many miles left of the rehab road we are so much better off now, our life has improved exponentially. Georgia has never been on a ride outside of a carousel. We are so excited!

   The biggest blessing of this trip other than the obvious, Georgia being seizure free for almost 11 months, Praise God!!! is that it is completely paid for. We will have park tickets to all the Disney parks, both the Universal parks and Sea World. Also, tickets to other attractions in the Orlando area. We will be staying at this village (Give Kids the World) made just for special needs children, it is not open to the public. We have been told so many great things about this place and I'm sure words and pictures cannot do this place justice. All of all meals well be included as well as entertainment at the village, including meet and greets, pony rides, a playground that resembles Candy Land, a pond for fishing, a carousel, putt-putt, a water park and many more things for us to do while we are guests there. This place is made just for kids, all the food there is kid approved, the tables and chairs are kid size and the kids get the bigger bed and bath. There is even an ice cream palace.

   The Panallentic Sorority House is sponsoring our trip, last night we got to meet them and be presented with Georgia's dream. On top of all the great things that await us in Orlando, the girls presented us with spending money. I was speechless last night as tears rolled down my face. I cannot believe that this terrible journey is over and we have such a sweet ending.

   Georgia continues to improve daily, I'm so proud of her. She truly is a walking miracle. Last night I was thanking God for all that He has done for us and all the doors that have been opened at just the right time. It just amazes me to think of all we have been through in such a short period of time. I have spent a lot of time reflecting, just last week I was thinking of that day that we found out Georgia was a girl, Sean was in Iraq and he kept calling during the appointment to see what we were having. He was so excited and so was I, this is the first time I have thought about that moment and I don't have tears or doubts but I have hope. Hope for her future, hope to dream for her again. I know I have said this before but as I see my daughter evolving it just makes it more concrete to me.

           Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to enable them to fulfill the purpose for which they are called.