Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

48 hours post-op

Georgia is doing well. She say up in bed today with assistance, Sean holding her head and me standing in front of her for support. Then this afternoon we were able to hold her for the first time since Thurs morning. She has been a little more with it but still mostly out of it. The hardest thing did me is seeing the twinkle in her eyes gone, I'm sure it will return but it is hard for me to look at her like this. We might be able to start adjusting the EVD (the drainage in her head) early next week. She has not had any morphine today which is good and she ate a little more today. Sean felt her adjust her right shoulder, this is good, the doctor said her leg would move first but we have only felt her hand and now shoulder move. Hopefully, we will start seeing that leg move. My mom and mother-in-law took Conerly to the zoo and they got Georgia a stuffed dog which we will give her tomorrow. I plan to be post pictures tonight or tomorrow, Please continue to pray for Georgia and movement on her right side.

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