Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playing in the Mud Puddles

   My goodness! So much has happened since my last post. Georgia has blossomed into a beautiful, active, seizure-free 4 year old. I was unsure of how this first year post-op would go, a little nervous if you will. She is very vocal when she doesn't want to do something or be bothered, she follows me around saying "ma ma, ma ma, (not quite mama yet but making progress). She watches her brother and laughs and giggles. She does this hoppy, dancey thing where she taps around in her shoes, she loves to do this around the house. For Christmas we decided to get her a floor piano (never too early to start thinking about gifts :)) I know she is going to be over the moon for this gift because it plays music and she can dance on it. A good way to learn cause and effect too.

   The McCauley household has been so busy! With two very active children, watching my niece 4 days a week, Georgia in school and therapy and Mommy starting a new business, it can be very hectic. But it is great being busy, I would much rather have too much to do than too little. After all an idle mind is the devil's playground.

   Our quality of life has improved exponentially now that Georgia is doing well. I had an epiphany this past weekend, it has been one whole year and Georgia has not been in the hospital at all, this has not happened since her birth. I almost cannot believe it. It is almost as if God has breathed life into our family, I was talking to Georgia's therapist and you really don't realize how bad things are because it's the life you have gotten used to, but now it's like I said, new life. We make plans and we get to enjoy those plans because Georgia is able to enjoy the things we are doing. It's fabulous!!!

The last time it rained hard here I captured these pictures of Georgia playing in the mud puddles. It's the most precious thing ever!!

Good things come to those who wait. Praising God every step of the way.