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Georgia Lily
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Help, Please

     So I must tell you about the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. Many times during this trial with Georgia, I have thought why me? Why my little girl? Why? Many times, people come to me and tell me that God only gives these children to special people, well sometimes I do not want to be special, I just want to be me, with a child that has no illness. I want to play with Georgia and I want to have silly conversations with her from the back seat. I want to have tea parties and play dress up and all the things that little girls want to do with their Mommies. Even though my child has never told me she has loved me with words, I can see it written all over her face when she holds her hands up for me to hold her and when we cuddle close at bedtime and when she searches me out when she hurts herself. What a amazing and merciful God we have. He has shown me that even though my child does not match up with the worldly standards of "normal" I do have a perfect baby in God's eyes. The love in my heart that I have for my child has grown ten-fold since the beginning of her illness. I have more compassion than I could have ever gained if I was not thrown into this situation. I can truly appreciate what it means to have a Mother's love and a Mother's heart.

    Well, this morning, at church we were leaving and I asked God to please speak to me during the whole service and I was going out the door when Mrs.Velma Childrers (the Evanglist) who does not know me from Eve looked straight at Georgia and then to me and said this, "She is an angel" "God only gives these special children to special parents who can love them" "Please love and take care of this baby." "Please love her". Of course, this made me cry and made me realize how truly blessed that I am to be in the presence of an angel. So why me? Why not me? If God thinks that I can handle this then who am I to question the same God that can calm the sea and wind with just His words. ""But He said to them, why are you fearful, O you of little faith?" Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm." Matthew 8:26

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