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Georgia Lily
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Georgia's Story

         My husband and I got pregnant before he deployed to Iraq in 2008. Pregnancy was a breeze, no complications at all, I was induced while he was on R and R in December. Our daughter came into the world beautiful, happy and hardly ever cried. She was developing normally, advanced actually, six words, crawling, standing up, rolling over, sitting up, everything.
      In June of 2009 Georgia started having these episodes that would make her head drop and she would do it over and over throughout the day. Afterwards she would either throw up or take a very long nap at times both. Being concerned we took her to the doctor. We had an MRI done as well as an EEG. MRI came back normal or so we thought, we later found out that because she was not sedated there was a lot artifact, the MRI was not really conclusive, the whole time we thought everything was normal. Anyway, the EEG came back and showed seizure activity, we were devestated. Then we started a roller coaster of meds. To date she has been on 5 meds. She has had two times where the seizures have completely stopped for a period of about 3 months or so. But they always return and everytime they do it is a different sort of thing, started out as head drops then complete loss of muscle tone, and now they are rigid where she holds her breath, her arms and legs are stiff and her eyes deviate to the left. And yet other times it looks like a small twich. I have taken her to the ER more times than I can count. Not because of the seizures but because of the injuries, biting through lip, ect. I consider myself blessed because for the most part now we can tell when a seizure is going to hit and can therefore hold her and make sure no injuries occur. In Aug of 2010 we had another MRI done and found out about the cortical dysplasia.
    The latest doctor we took her to in so many words told us "it is what it is" , she has problems now and ten years from now she will have problems. Another stab to the heart. My husband and I prayed before meeting him that we would hear what He wanted us to hear. For the last year I have been conflicted by when the seizures stop, will it be because of the meds or because the Lord has taken this ailment from her, I now have my answer, no doctor is ever going to be able to fully help her, the Lord is the one that is going to do it. I have a strong belief that that Lord is going to help her and He made me a promise over two years ago that He was going to show me how big He is.
   We have her in speech and occupational therapy. Her gross motor skills for the most part are where they should be and she has some fine motor skills, feeding herself with her hands and things like that. However, she shows no interest in other children and prefers to play by herself.
   Again, I consider myself blessed because she easily adapts to her surroundings and is very tolerant. She will come when called for the most part and will follow my husband and I around the house and she also squeals and laughs. She will hold up her arms to be held and when she hears key words, (eat, snack, juice, bye bye, shoes, bath, get hair done, ect) she will come. She loves to play outside and loves to horse play also playing in the bath or swimming. She hates dolls and playing with blocks :) I mean with a passion :)  But I know that I also appreciate the things that my daughter does do. She will now look me in the eye, take things off the counter as well as put things up there, is now starting to interact with her environment more. She does more now than she did six months ago and I know in another six months she will do even more.

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