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Georgia Lily
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hold the Phone!

Sorry I have not posted in the last three days, Conerly had surgery on Thurs, so we have been busy with that. For the first time in a very long time I feel free and very hopeful for the future, I no longer dread the next day and I wake up feeling light. Like a breath of fresh air has been breathed into my soul. Georgia is doing so wonderfully, she is walking laps around the house, hardly wants to sit at all. Just long enough to regroup and she is on the move again. Love, love, love this!!! Last night at my parents she was sitting by the phone (a real phone) and was playing with the buttons, every so often we would hear the answering machine go off and then Sean walks over and she actually has the phone to her ear. I do not know if I am over analyzing this but I do not know if she wanted a better listen to the sounds or is she was pretending to be on the phone. I guess either way it's positive. She spends her days giggling and playing, we have been practicing playing with her dolls. She will kiss them and hug them but then throws her doll down. I guess it will take time. After all God did no make the world in a day. I registered Georgia for school, I know she needs this but it does not help my heart. So this Friday we will meet with her teacher and discuss a good schedule for her because she will not be attending full time, that is just too much for mama to bear. I'm excited though because Conerly has never had the one on one time with me that Georgia had.

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