Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
My Love Bug

Thursday, April 19, 2012


   Well this morning has started off productively, came to the hospital to relieve Daddy, thankfully Georgia slept all night. She woke up in a great mood, the nurse came in to give her meds and take her vital signs. The nurse disconnected the IV which they had to give her to keep her hydrated while she has NPO (nothing by mouth) meaning that she could not eat or drink anything. Then at promptly 9:00am the nuclear meds tech injected Georgia with the isotope. She was then disconnected from the wall and we were allowed to take Georgia next door to the playroom which she throughly enjoyed and everyone complimented her on her jammies. At 9:50 we were again loaded up on the stretcher and hauled off downstairs to do the testing. I was able to ask the nuclear med tech about the testing and how it would be reviewed, I was a little confused on how they would compare this test to Tuesday's test. Evidently, the doctors overlay the tests and see what they like to call "hotspots" they want to make sure they do not show up when Georgia is not seizing. Only when she is seizing, this helps them to ensure that they are hitting the same spot every single time. Pretty interesting.
Enjoying my freedom, I love the sunshine
My Nana
I love my Mommy
Riding on the stretcher downstairs, Mommy has to make sure I do not try to jump and make a run for it
The giant donut, we got to take pictures today
Um, more wires please
Last minute chin rubbing with Daddy
We know that we are in the right place; this painting is right outside the elevators
A Visit from Dr. Lee
   I had to write all of this down before I forget so I apologize if this is a little disorganized. Please let me know if you have further questions and I will try and answer them if I can. First, Dr. Lee showed s the Ictal scan, the scan that was done on Tuesday, the left side aka the "problem child" looked considerably different from the right, it was all lit up with the solution. Then Dr. Lee showed us the PET scan, again same story with the left side looking different from the right. Dr. Lee told us that all data solidifies his hypothesis further that the left side is the culprit and we are looking more and more like we are going to have to do the hemispherectomy. Not so great news, but he did show us a video of a little boy who had the exact same problems as Georgia and had the hemispherectomy and is doing fabulous, considering that only one side of his brain is functioning. This little boy can run and talk...clearly you can see the weakness of the right side and his hand will never work the way that it is supposed to but he talks and he interacts appropriately for his age. Dr. Lee is very thorough and just to make sure that he is doing the right thing, I think we are still going to go ahead and do the brain mapping. He wants to be absolutely positive that this is the best thing for Georgia. Also, Billy, Dr. Lee's nurse, is going to set up a way for us to communicate with this little boy and we will get to talk to his parents. This is so great, being able to talk to someone who has walked this path is amazing, more than words can express. Dr. Lee said that he wants Georgia to be able to talk to us. This doctor is so amazing and I am glad that God has lead us here.
    Sean and I have not really had a chance to talk over things but I am sure that we will later today when the dust settles. We got some really good news though, Georgia will be able to be disconnected from all of her wires and we will get to be discharged this afternoon. We will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House today, all of us! Yay! Yay! Freedom! She will still have her MRI early tomorrow afternoon but we will all be home tomorrow night.
    Sean and I still believe for a complete healing of our little Love Bug and while the doctors tell us of the side effects, i.e, the right sided weakness and no perpherial vison, we still believe that God will completely heal her. We still know that God is working and He will continue working in Georgia and He still has time to heal her Himself, however, if He chooses to work through this doctor, we know that this is His will and He will bring Georgia through the surgery. This is the miracle that we have never stopped praying for. Good things to come! Praise God!

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