Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 1

   Today started out a little crazy, went to the wrong place and our PET scan was a little later than was originally planned, but everything worked out. Georgia was put to sleep around 2:30 and was awaken at 4:00. Heart wrenching! Nothing will ever be so painful as to watch my beautiful little girl put to sleep. But I am glad she was in my arms and I am glad I was there when she woke up. After the PET scan we checked into the hospital and were hooked up to the EEG. Our hospital room is very small but child centered with internet access, movies in the room and games and toys. Georgia is also able to move around the room a little, she is not stuck in the bed. Thank you Jesus for the small things. All the nurses we have met are super friendly and Dr. Lee stopped in to welcome us on his way to the OR. So encouraging! We are so glad we were lead to Dr. Lee. Georgia is really happy, she must know her life is about to get so much better. Only 25 more days of seizures! The doctor said he could tell us about her PET scan tomorrow and by the end of the week he should be able to give us some preliminary surgical information, nothing will be set in stone until he meets with his team and they go over all the test results. We are still praying for a surgical resection or of course no surgery at all but we know God is in control and He will be with Georgia no matter what happens.

   There was a beautiful painting at the entrance of the hospital of a surgeon during surgery and Jesus is standing there guiding his hands, stunning! All the more reason to feel we are in the right place to do the surgery. We feel so blessed to be here and under this doctor.

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