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Georgia Lily
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 2

   Today we started our day early, Georgia got to sleep in though which was really nice. Georgia has a lot of seizure activity in the morning which really paid off today, the neuromed tech came to our room about 9:00 this morning and got everything ready to inject Georgia with the isotope, which needed to be done as soon as Georgia seized. Right away, Georgia started seizing but the first couple of seizures were not good enough for the tech in the EEG monitoring room, however, Dr. Lee came to our room and informed the EEG tech that the next cluster of seizures we saw, we could have the neuromed tech inject her with the isotope. We were so impressed with Dr. Lee, he let us call the shots and that was so good, he is such a good doctor and he listens to us and does not make us feel like we are burden to him. This will be the only time I ever pray for a seizure, I can assure you that.The transport team came to get us and they loaded Georgia and I up on a stretcher bed and as soon as we laid down on the bed, Georgia went right to sleep. This time when they sedated her it was not nearly as devestating, I mean you could see when the medicine hit her but she was already sleeping, not like yesterday where she was writhing around and then went limp. The scan machine was pretty interesting looking, looked like a giant donut that had just enough room for the her head. The entire test took around two hours, during this time we were able to go to the Lake Side cafe and then we walked around the lake and it really helped us to relax a little. Around 1:30 Georgia came back to her room but she slept most of the early afternoon which really helped Sean and I, the more she sleeps the better it is because it means she is not getting herself tangled up in all the wires.

   The plan for tomorrow is pretty much like today except the scan is called an inter-ictal and it is like a baseline control test, they inject an isotope into her but when she is not seizing. All these tests are done to show the doctor where the seizures are originating from. We did not get to see the doctor today to review the PET scan but I am almost positive we will see him tomorrow. Sean and I are nervous, we are praying that Georgia is a surgical candidate, this is our last bit of hope to make her better. So please continue to pray for her and pray for us and of course that the doctor would have the knowledge to know what to do.

   Thank you to all of you who have emailed, called, texted and facebooked us, it really means so much to us and to Georgia.

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