Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
My Love Bug

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tears of Joy

   A lot has happened in the last two days, first Georgia pretended to play with her phone, as in putting the phone up to her ear, I thought at first that it was a fluke but then she did it several more times, not a fluke! She is taking more steps with both her legs; she is doing this without being prompted by the therapist. She also is relearning how to manipulate Mommy into getting her way, she wanted my glasses and I kept jerking my head to the side so she could not get them, she then decided that she was going to kiss me and then when my guard was down she stole my glasses. I was so happy that she kissed me I forgot that I did not want her to have my glasses. She has not kissed me in 6-8 months, just before her seizures changed and before her meds got messed with. Ahh, sweet relief to see that my child loves me and still knows how to get her way...I will take it!

   Today, little Miss Buggy woke up in a great mood, I think she decided Mommy needed to see her happy. A happy child equals a happy Mommy; when Georgia ain't happy, ain't no one happy! Today was one of the best days I have seen Georgia since before the surgery, it gives me hope that Georgia will be completely restored. God is so good, He knows when we need to be lifted and He gives us that boost just in the nick of time. Georgia did all her therapy in stride today, not to say that she did not have her meltdowns, she did, but she was able to recover and soothe herself quite quickly. I was quite impressed with was her last speech session, she was able to pick between two objects, even when she has to look to the right side. This is great progress, like I said previously, she was ignoring that right side.

   ASSESSMENT!!! I have come to hate those words, as a Mom of a child who has special needs, yes, it has taken me quite some time to swallow those words, I hate assessments because it reminds me how far behind my child is compared to her peers. Anyway, I heard that dreadful word today and I mentally prepared myself for the worst, so we got seated in the room and the doctor pulls out this large booklet and his suitcase full of "toys" used for the assessment and you know what my little Love Bug does? She completely amazes me! Why should we ever doubt that we serve a Big God, He is once again showing me how big He is and He is still in control. This time Georgia got a lot of 1's circled and not so many 0's (1: child has this skill 0: child lacks this skill). She localized to a toy by hearing the sound, she looked for something dropped on the floor, pulled a toy by a string, picked between two objects, pulled a rag to get another toy, she played with blocks, pulled a block out of a cup, she kissed her reflection in the mirror, and many other things. The doctor was very impressed with her and he told me that while we will have a rough estimate of where Georgia is now, it is a steady moving target, as we get further and further out from the surgery she will continue to learn and grow.

   To say the least I teared up a few times today. Georgia is doing so well, she makes me one proud Mama. We are only three and half weeks out from surgery and she is doing so much, much more than what she did before the surgery. So while we still have a long road of recovery left, I love every minute of getting to know Georgia all over again. And all the progress she is making is just amazing! Tears of joy. I was reminded today by a ceiling tile, 1 Peter 2:24 "He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.” Georgia has been healed and I will continue to proclaim that.


  1. Keep having faith. Georgia is an amazing little girl with amazing parents and an even more amazing God!!!

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