Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going Home!

Tomorrow is the big day! The day we get released from rehab. I feel anxious and nervous, excited and scared all in the same moment. I cannot wait to get back to our new normal, as in no seizures. Our new adventure starts. Tomorrow we should get discharged around 11 or so and home no later than 2. Happy day! I'm excited to see how Georgia will react to being in her own space, on her own turf. Only God knows. Georgia's therapists are really pleased with all the progress she has made in the last week. She is making better eye contact, interacting with the environment around her, babbling more, she is better able to regulate her emotions, she is doing some ancipatory play, and on and on. I know she will continue to get better and stronger. I will keep you posted on how we fare this weekend. Please forgive me for not updating much these last few days, I'm beat at the end of the day. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Sorry I didnt get to say goodbye to you guys. I know that God will continue to bless all of you!!I will keep Georgia in my prayers and thank you for your kind words!!: )Sharon