Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
My Love Bug

Monday, March 19, 2012


   Happiness is waking up to a pretty girl who is giggling and squealing and ready for the day to begin. Happiness is seeing my little girl running in the yard and feeling the grass in her fingertips. Happiness is being free from bondage that has held me captive for the last three years! I cannot express the happiness that I feel in my heart, knowing that I serve a big God and a healing God and a God that will see me through not matter what happens.

   Last week we had to admit Georgia to the hospital for a video EEG. We were supposed to be there for an MRI too but ended up checking ourselves out because we came to realize we were in the wrong place seeing the wrong doctor for our precious daughter. You see, the doctor showed us the EEG and basically told us there is nothing that can be done for our little Love Bug and that she would seize her whole life and we needed to accept that she would never lead a normal life. The doctor was not compassionate at all, I was a little on the hurt side and even asked him, "So you are basically saying that my daughter is going to seize into oblivian and then just die?" To which he said, "Yea." Like I was just asking if the sky was blue. Complete and utter coldness! That is what made us want to flee from that hospital as fast as they could get us out of there.

   After the doctor left the room I burst into tears, I mean can you imagine being in a situation where a doctor, someone who is supposed to help others, just tells you, nope there is nothing that can be done and you just need to let nature take its course. One word, heartbreaking! Later that afternoon after the initial shock wore off I came to realize that I did see a miracle, Georgia's EEG showed that her brain is absolutely chaotic around the clock, it is a miracle that she can do all that she can do. Even in her sleep her brain is misfiring.

   I know that God is at work because I could not have heard that news three years ago and be singing God's praises the next day. I was telling Sean last night that I feel so happy like my heart is just going to burst, I told him I feel as happy as when we found out that we were expecting Georgia. To which he said, well we are expecting...expecting a miracle. I know that God is going to do something even if all He does is take her seizures, I can handle raising a child that may not ever grow in maturity. All I know is that I am doing all that I can do and I will not stop taking her to different doctors til I find one that completely satisfies the needs of my daughter and will not simply give up on my child because she is a complicated case.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.Annonymous

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