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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Blessing Named Conerly

 Such a good baby brother...
 Mr. Helpful
 Mommy's Loves

  I would like to take this post and dedicate it to my beautiful, sweet, funny, little man, Conerly Aidan. Sean and I did think that we wanted any more children especially after all we have had to endure with Georgia's illness but I am so glad that God is good and knew that we needed Conerly.

   I really needed my little man to help me, more than I realized. I feel for the first time what it is like to have a "baby". I mean he gets into everything, crawls away from me, he tears things up, and gives the sweetest kisses, comes over to me to hold him, looks at me when I have to discipline him and comes to me for forgiveness. Georgia has never really done any of these things. I know she will in the future but for the time I'm so glad that I have Conerly.

   I thank God who knows how to give good gifts and they come at exactly the right time. It may be hard to have two children but at the same time so rewarding.

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