Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Scary 12 Hours

So my 4th of July started out pleasant enough. We were at home and that is where it started going down hill. Georgia woke up fussy but I chalked up it to being sore still and not getting her pain meds in the middle of the night. So we gave her the Tylenol and about 15-20 minutes later she vomited it up. I them thought it was because of her not eating much and taking the meds on an empty stomach. So Sean gave her a bath and she ended up going to sleep. A little weird for her but again we thought she just needed more time to recover. Around 2 pm she ate and got her tylenol. She threw up again. Again we thought she just could not handle the meds. She layed around all day which is not normal but again we chalked up to recovery. Around 6:30 I told Sean we need to call the doctor, something is it right. The doctor agreed and was going to call us in some Zofran. Being that it was a holiday our pharmacy was closed. God was watching out for us, Sean had to call the doctor back and tell him it was closed. The doctor told us to take Georgia to the ER. By this time Georgia is cycling between throwing up and sleeping. There is nothing left in her stomach. Poor baby, she is pale and withdrawn. We know something is terribly wrong. We arrive at the ER, we are the only people there. Again, God was watching out for us. Preparing things for us that we do not know await us. The nurse takes us back immediately. He tells us she is really sick, her shunt might be failing. Unsure of what this means I get really upset. He is honest with us. We get back in our room and about 5 people pile in behind us, I am not sure about you but this never happens when we go to the ER. Usually it's a waiting game. We know this whatever it is, is serious. They immediately take usual to have X-rays taken . Then they take blood from Georgia and start an IV. She gets some fluids which help her immensely. Then this odd resident neurosurgeon comes in and tells us he has to preform a shunt tap. He tells is it will not hurt her, most likely she is still numb from surgery. Anyway, he sticks a needle right into her scalp. Not hurt, my booty! Georgia screamed and started writhing around. Hard to watch him do this, even harder to watch Georgia screaming. After what seems like an eternity and watch him struggle to get fluid he pulls the needle out and says well that was not successful, part of me felt like he was incompetent. We then see another neurosurgeon who tells us that Georgia's shunt is not working, it might be clogged or has failed completely. They need to do emergency surgery. We do not have time to drive to Orlando. Gulp. We were nervous because no one has touched Georgia but Dr. Baumgartner. We ask him to leave, we need time to discuss things and to pray. By this time I am usually questioning God, this time I tell Him I am not going to question or to doubt. I am going to trust, complete and utter trust. Shortly thereafter they take us down for an MRI. Then they wheel Georgia to the OR, Sean and I leave her once more in the hands of a surgeon and God. We walk to the waiting area. It then sinks in, we are having emergency surgery I have her shunt replaced. They also have to put in another EVD to ensure that this shunt is going to work. The surgeon working on Georgia tells us the risks, all I hear is coma, stroke... Fast foreword back to the waiting room, I start to sob uncontrollably. How much can my weary heart withstand? How many times do I have to sign consent forms to have my baby worked on. What if this is the last time? Will God take her home this time? I call my pastor. He comes to sit and wait with us. He is the epitome of what a good Shepard should be. They told us the surgery would last approximately 2 hours. Around 4:30 the butterflies and anxiety sets in. I can hardly sit still. 5:30 comes and finally the surgeon comes into the waiting room. Georgia came through and is doing well. I start crying, crying those happy, relieved tears. Tears of joy! Georgia is alive! Praise God! He did not take her home yet. I have more time with her. I turned a page in the wee hours of July 5th. I turned my expectations for her off, I turned all the mourning for the child I might not meet down here in Earth. I have to accept things are as they are. I can still hope that things turn around for her and she at some point will be a typical child but for now I will just relish in what is my beautiful, loving, smart, stubborn, Love Bug.

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