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Georgia Lily
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   August was one hectic month for the McCauley family. We have settled into a new routine, at least I think we have. Georgia started school and the first days were a little hairy but now she does not cry at school, I can't help but tear up almost every time I pick her up and think of how far we have come. We are almost four months out from surgery but it still seems like yesterday. I am hoping as time goes by and we get further away from the surgery that my broken heart will heal. It's hard for people to understand if you have never stood where I stand. I am so grateful that Georgia was given the opportunity for surgery and she is doing AMAZING but she is still so far behind her peers, it seems at times she will never catch up. I was telling Sean yesterday that the journey to the destination  does not matter as long as we all reach the same destination but that journey, at least for us, seems to be a much harder trek. Talking to my sister-in-law today and she said something about getting to get a glance at the last page in our book of life and I totally agree. I do not need the whole chapter just a peak at the back of the book to make sure that it all ends the way that I think it should. God does not operate that way though, that is why it is called Faith, if we knew how it all ended we would not have faith. And of course I was reading last night in our study bible that if God allowed us to know how it all ended we would become arrogant.

   Georgia is doing well, she seems to enjoy school. We have not given her the bink in over 3 days either night time or at quiet time. She is also potty training, not really sure she understands yet but I'm sure she will get there. Her walking seems to be improving or at least according to the physical therapist, from my standpoint she looks the same. But I guess when you see something day to day you become immune to the small changes that are taking place.

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  1. So glad to see she is progressing so well. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!!
    Mrs Sharon from Brooks