Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Blossoming Flower

  I know, I know...I always try to stay on top of this but it is hard, at the end of the day I want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. Last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen. However, I have much to post about so here I am. Please forgive me.

   Right before my very eyes Georgia is blossoming. She is turning into the beautiful rose that I have always known was there but had forgotten about for a long time. When I think back to when Georgia was born and when I looked into those beautiful big eyes I see a baby that I had tons of dreams and expectations for. Around 18 months those dreams started to fade as I began to see her slip behind her peers and then when she was 24 months at her birthday I was in a deep spiral of depression and then 36 months when birthday parties really begin to be fun, instead of fun we saw Georgia slipping farther and farther away from us. I would go to her room expecting to see her not breathing, fearing a seizure had claimed her life in the night.

   This year has been an absolute roller coaster, up and down, around loops and bends, catching your breath before being thrown into hysteria again. At the start of this year my mom told me to pray and to pray for a miracle, she wanted to ring in the new year praying for Georgia. She told me this was going to be a good year for Georgia, the year that we were going to get our miracle. I believed and I prayed, just as many of you did. Tons of prayers went up to our Father and He looked down and He gave us a miracle. Sometimes when people think of miracles (like me) they think of instantaneous but other times God gives us them a little at a time. Maybe that is because we could not handle them all at once or maybe it is because God wants us to keep depending on Him. He knows this is what holds me close to Him, I want more for Georgia than this, I want everything for her but I am totally dependant on My Father. I can do what I can for her, I can take her to therapy, I can do exercises with her, I can show her new things but in order for everything to take root in her it depends on our Father.

   I want to review just how far Georgia has come, after the surgery Georgia was unable to hold her head up. sit up, swallow without choking, stand, walk, use her right side at all. Prior to surgery Georgia was not there, physically she was there but mentally not so much. She could walk and make her needs be known but that was all. She smiled a lot but she hardly laughed. She seized so much we could hardly take our eyes off of her. She fell a lot. She hurt herself a lot. Sean and I had to hover over her to make sure she did not hurt herself or someone else. She was unable to play by herself or be left alone.

   Fast forward to today, Georgia is happy! She is seizure free for 4 months, she smiles, laughs, makes eye contact (if she knows you), she walks, sits up on her own, climbs the stairs (modified of course), enjoys being outside, leads you to where she wants to go, lifts her feet for her shoes, knows what we are going bye bye or outside means (she stands by the door and waits), stoops down to pick up an object, is very affectionate, makes more vocalizations than ever, and plays with all toys (not just a select few) just to name a few. It's in the little things, I take nothing that she does for granted and I make a huge deal out of everything she does. Her therapist rave about how every week she is learning and gaining new skills, they have to make their goals for her high because she is exceeding the short term goals.

   Sean and I are so impressed with our little trooper, she takes most things in stride and pushes through the tough spots. She is the most determined little person I have ever encountered. I am so blessed to be her Mommy. " For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. I know I use this verse a lot but I love it and I cling to that for my precious Georgia Lily.


  1. My heart is so happy to read this post!!!!
    I think of Georgia,Ms. Sue and you often! I still pray for her! Thanks for sharing her progress with us! We pray that she continues to be successful and accomplish more and more each day! I love to hear you speak about your faith, so honest and so real! Can't wait to read more updates!

  2. :) What else is there to say!! I am so happy to see how well she is brought tears to my eyes!