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Georgia Lily
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

ABA Therapy

Hello Friends,

Getting Georgia the best help has and will always be my goal; we had a consultation with an ABA therapist this past week. We think that this is the best therapy that Georgia can get with her history of developmental delay and addressing those behaviors in which she cries and screams to get away from the learning environment. This is a therapy that I believe will bring her to a place of wanting to learn and there has been tremendous success with other patients.

However, it is not likely that our insurance will cover the cost of this therapy and it can be quite pricey. As many of you know or if you do not know, I became an Independent Jewelry Lady working for Premier Designs Jewelry, in August of last year. This is a way I thought that I could get out of the house a few nights a month and bring in a little extra income. However, this has become a way in which I believe that I can pay for Georgia to have this therapy.

Normally, I would not ask for help, but in this instance, I am asking for help because I cannot do it by myself. If there is anyone of you who would like to help Georgia and get a lot of free jewelry, I implore you to message me. As an added incentive, I will let you pick out a ring from the catalog and purchase it for $15.

Thank you for all your prayers and support as always.

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