Georgia Lily

Georgia Lily
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


God has been working in my heart for the last several months,  I feel the time has come to be honest, honest with you and honest with myself. Georgia has Autism, very few people know that because honestly I never talk about it, almost if I don't say it out loud, it won't be real. However, it is real, she has Autism. A little over 18 months ago, we sought out this diagnosis so that she could begin receiving ABA services.

When I sat through the meeting where the doctor told us that she has Autism, I was numb to the news. I didn't break down but I remember driving home and telling myself that this was for the best.   We were going to be able to get the help that Georgia needs. I also remember thinking, the doctor diagnosed her this way, but in my mind I justified it, "well she did have brain surgery and they did remove a significant portion, so it's not really Autism, her brain is just taking a long time to recover." I was at a place where if someone would bluntly ask, I would be honest but I wasn't sharing the news.

Then came the real shocker, because Sean deployed our insurance information had to updated. I had to have Georgia's pediatrician fill out a form with all of Georgia's diagnosis-s. In the middle of the form it listed recommendations and Georgia's pediatrician wrote that Georgia was moderate to severe mentally retarded. Never, never, never have I had that conversation with her doctor. And never once have I had the thought that Georgia was that way. It seems so final. So harsh and without hope. It was a punch to the stomach, I mulled it over for several days and weeks later, the words permanently imprinted in my mind. I just kept saying it can't be real, it can't be so, my daughter while I am aware of her struggles, is not that way. On the way home from receiving the paper I asked God what He says. On a church sign not far from where I asked Him, it says, "God can turn any situation around" and on the opposite side read, "God cannot be limited by any circumstance".

However, as it is, I fully have come to accept that Georgia has Autism. I embrace the diagnosis because it has opened up many doors of opportunity that we may have never had. And with that acceptance comes peace and joy. Contentment that I haven't felt for such a long time. Georgia is a beautiful, spirited, sassy girl. She has so much joy in her heart and finds contentment in the simple things. I accept that while she may not meet the standards of "normal"she is normal in the eyes of The Lord and me. I accept the challenges and face them head on. I accept the Lord's plan for her life, no matter what circumstances may present. He is the potter and I am the clay. I lean into Him and find my strength.

It has come full circle, from the first phone call, telling us that Georgia was having seizures (me sobbing uncontrollably) to accepting her as she is. It has been a rough road, six years in fact, to get to this place of peace, joy, and contentment. I am better for it. She has made me into a person I never thought I could be, I have inner strength that cannot be taken, I have courage to face the unknown with a smile and peace in my soul.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do give to you as the world gives." John 14:27

"You might be an autism parent if when someone says, "I don't know how you do it." You reply, "I didn't know I had a choice."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Unsurpassed Joy

Hello all! I wanted to extend my thanks for all the prayers that everyone has lifted up on behalf of my daughter. I feel this year has been a great year of growth for all of us. In the last 6 months or so Georgia has blossomed. She wants desperately to talk and understands she has to talk to get things she wants or needs. She doesn't cry half as much as she used to. Her eyes are so bright and full of life. She plays with us, her brother, watches her peers, brings toys to us. It's amazing to see all the progress that Georgia has made.

This time of year is normally so hard for me, but not this year. God has heard my cry and He has answered. For the last 5 years I would be extremely emotional and going Christmas shopping for Georgia was the most treacherous thing for me. "She won't enjoy anything I get her anyway, there will be no excitement" are my thoughts. But this year we have turned a page. She is starting to explore all her toys, she is so excited to see and try new things. She seeks out things that are new and isn't stuck playing with the same toy for weeks on end. "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven" "A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance" Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4

I stand in amazement at all that God has done in her, around her, and through her. We have our bright-eyed, curious, excited, sassy, smart girl back! and I am so happy this year. My heart is full and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for us.

These 10 photos show Georgia's life this past year, one thing is seen through all the pictures, a smile and joy that only God could give. "Joy that surpasses all understanding"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mining for Diamonds

"We can sit in the dark or we can start mining the diamonds in our difficulties" 
Holly Gerth

Been quite a while since my last post and while I wish to post everyday, it just doesn't happen. Life gets in the way. Georgia is doing remarkable things, she is in ABA therapy 5 days a week for 3 hour sessions. I knew this therapy was going to be the turn-around that we had been praying for. Sure enough, I have not been disappointed. We have seen so much improvement it is hard to believe sometimes. 

Georgia is actually bouncing with minimal assistance. 

We are currently trying to get her to learn how to jump. She has made tremendous progress towards this goal. When she gets excited she bounces on her legs.

It's incredible to see all the progress that Georgia has made in just a short period of time. She requests things, makes typical eye contact, interacts with us, plays games (taking her shoes off and hands them to you to put back on, over and over again, smiling and laughing all the while), requests to hear more songs. I cannot believe that just a little over two years ago, a doctor told us to never place any expectations on her because she was never going to meet them. Boy, was he ever wrong????!!!!

I never thought we could be in a place where we have two children doing similar things, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could safely dream of things for my daughter and expect that one day she would actually do them. My cup runs over with joy and peace. God is so true to His word, He will give abundantly over and beyond what you could ever pray for.

God sees in Georgia what that doctor could never see in Georgia, POTENTIAL! Her therapists also see what she can do and then expects that in time Georgia will do it. She is learning colors, listens and responds to commands, tells us what she wants, listens to books, loves to sing, is imitating. Everyday I stand amazed at how far Georgia has come. If I were not living it, I would not believe it!

I am reading the book, "God Sized Dream" by Holly Gerth, it is filled with amazing nuggets and I would encourage you to read it as well. "Don't settle. Don't give into fear. Don't stand on the edge of all God has for you and be sent back to the desert. You are allowed to be happy. You are allowed to be blessed. You are allowed to have a full life. Even more than allowed-this is what God ultimately wants for you." [Pain and heartache] It's only a gateway that He will used to bring you into a deeper joy in the end."

Thank you for continued prayers. We are where we are because of all God has done in our lives through Georgia and because of Georgia.